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Earthen Artisan Bread and Coffee Roastery garner Gold at the 2021 Aurora International Taste Challenge.

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We spoke to Frederick Hartsuiker, the founder, and asked him about the secret to their success. "For us, processing and making coffee is not a job. It is a way of living of doing what we love. It is a privilege to share with you the alchemy of witnessing the turning of these little seeds called coffee beans into real sweet-smelling treasure chests filled with aromatic flavourful oils. The mysterious coffee bean is the divine ingredient of coffee. As an Aurora Challenge gold winner, we thank you for adding value to our business in terms of credibility and opening new doors of opportunity."

Frederick further explained "Some products are perceived as generic, and quality should not vary much. Nothing can be further from the truth. The value of professionally evaluated products opens a whole new world to consumers. Awarded products help the consumer to make better-informed decisions. An award is a tool for producers, wholesalers, distributors alike."

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