We care proud to announce the AITC will be partnering with Capsicum Culinary Studio this year. We are happy and grateful towards this top culinary school.

There is so much more to culinary school than just cooking. Launched in 2003, Capsicum’s quality of training is unrivalled in South Africa. Whether you want to be an executive chef, baker, pastry chef, caterer, or chef de cuisine, as a Capsicum Culinary Studio graduate you can look forward to many exciting career opportunities locally and internationally.

At Capsicum, tradition meets innovation. Their purpose-built training facilities and talented and experienced chef lecturers provide the ideal space and support for students to nurture and develop their culinary skills. Students will gain hands-on experience in the kitchen and acquire the fundamental food skills that will make them work-ready. From cafés and bistros to restaurants and hotels, to events and corporate

Capsicum Culinary Studio offer students three distinct advantages.

Culinary Mastery

  • Be taught by the best to be the best. You will be trained to the highest standards, making you eligible for prestigious international training and partner placement programmes. Gaining exposure to local and international top talents will give you deep insight into the industry.
  • Being a masterful chef starts with understanding your ingredients and the diverse possibilities opened up by the cooking methods and techniques you choose. You will learn, experiment and hone your talent in world-class training kitchens with contemporary tools and equipment.
  • Arrive passionate, stay focussed through good times and bad, and you’ll develop the flair, resilience and grit, essential for anyone who wants to succeed in the fast-paced, competitive world of cooking. Best of all, you will have the confidence that comes with knowing you are a culinary master.

Industry Preference

  • As the industry’s preferred training provider, Capsicum is in tune and aligned with the latest culinary trends, techniques, skills and innovations. We know what’s hot.
  • Because we know the sector – and more importantly, they know us – a Capsicum qualification will set you apart. Recognised, accredited, endorsed and respected by local and international industry bodies, we are actively involved in professional associations and forums, helping to shape the future of the industry and empowering our graduates to meet evolving industry demands.
  • As a Capsicum learner you will be part of culinary networks and connected to the professionals by a two-year junior membership to the SA Chefs Association which is included in your fees.
  • During and after you have completed your studies, you get great placement at top properties. Historically, 95% of our graduates are employed in the industry after qualifying.

Fuelling Passion

  • Join a community and family that’s as much about food as you are. Be inspired to grow your culinary passions, inside and outside the kitchen, by developing skills like entrepreneurship, personal branding, self-promotion food photography and much more.
  • Take advantages of our value-added offerings like access to The Culinary Institute of America’s Lobster Ink platform, rich, immersive content that satisfies even the hungriest of minds.
  • Our passionate team of chef lecturers and industry partners are ardent food lovers just like you. They are your teachers and from the day you enrol they are your mentors, coaches, critics, shoulder to cry on, and the student’s biggest fans.

Industry Placement

At Capsicum, their Industry and Development Team works with hotels and other hospitality businesses across the country to ensure that you have access to the best training opportunities available in the industry.

Capsicum training partners include:

  • The Oyster Box Hotel
  • The Saxon Hotel
  • The Westcliff Hotel
  • The President Hotel
  • La Colombe
  • Gemelli’s
  • The Pot Luck Club
  • Roots – Forum
  • Homini
  • Butcher Block
  • 54 on Bath
  • Palazzo
  • Belle’s Patisserie
  • Old Town Italy
  • Ginger – The Restaurant
  • Blue Waters Café
  • Protea OR Tambo
  • Time Square – Sun Arena
  • Fedics
  • Netcare
  • Café Flava
  • Impact

Contact details:

Email Address: chef@capsicumcooking.co.za 

Contact Number: +27 86 111 2433

Website: https://www.capsicumcooking.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/capsicumcooking

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/capsicumcooking/