Coffee Awards

Guild of Coffee as partner ensuring a perfect brew

The professional baristas from Guild of Coffee – Barista Academy (https://guildofcoffee.com/) take great care preparing every coffee in a reproducible way, churning out cups with precision for the nearly 50 samples. Both pre-ground coffee and coffee prepared from whole beans were tasted in different categories as black coffee, as well as with dairy milk and milk alternatives.

Barista Academy as partner ensuring a perfect brew

The Guild of Coffee instils passion and pride in the art of brewing coffee. Richard Kellond at Guild of Coffee marvels at the idea of training and inspiring people, seeing them being successful in their workplace because they love what they are doing.

They company aims to be  involved in coffee from farm to server, but also working backwards, from server to farm. “To share knowledge, empower and create freedom through coffee”.

See the interview with Q-grader Mike MacDonald on https://aurorachallenge.com/2020-event/#coffeevideo .

To find out more visit https://guildofcoffee.com/ or contact them directly.

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