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A small hobby from Turkey turns into an award-winning success at the 2021 awards

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EVD GIDA SAĞLIK A.Ş. ended up being one of the top performers at this year's event with their Jasmine Kombucha 2200 that earned a silver medal. We asked Esra Özcan a few questions to find out about the secret to their success.

Tell us when your company was founded and some of its history?

We started our company in 2018. At first, we didn’t see it as a business. It all began with the desire to share the kombucha that I made for myself at home with my friends and neighbours, which was very beneficial for me in terms of my health. Introducing this unknown drink in Turkey was the most difficult, and important part of all. Currently, we are a very well-known and loved brand in Turkey, with the highest production capacity and the most sales points.

Tell us about some of the unique features of your company.

Our products are natural, additive-free, and naturally fermented without any heating process, so we can call them ‘live’. We eagerly work to improve our products all the time in every way. For us, the most important values of our brand are transparency, high-quality ingredients, and taste.

What do you think are some of the special products you have?

All our products are produced with the same values, so all of them are special in that sense. Our product range contains kombucha with different flavours, kvass, and Lacto-fermented pickles. We produce them all with traditional fermentation techniques and the best natural ingredients aiming for the best taste.

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What is unique about your manufacturing process and your manufacturing philosophy?

Respecting nature, respecting the fermentation process, and respecting the product. Despite the difficulties of production, packaging, logistics, and storage of products that are alive, we never give up on our values. Our biggest feature is to respect every stage of the process, from production to customer.

What do you think is your distinct advantage or reason for your success?

Our transparent and honest stance makes it possible to stand behind our product and its quality from the beginning until the end.

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What is the consumer demographic of your products, and what feedback do you get?

Our audience are a groups of all ages who take care of their health. They understand the importance of clean nutrition, they do not give up on nature, and taste is paramount. First of all, we would like to sincerely share that we are getting very positive feedback, appreciation, compliments, and good wishes. These are the motivation of our whole team. Since the products we produce are naturally fermented products, they contain high probiotics. For this reason, the changes in intestinal health are noticed by those who use our products. Of course, this means the regression and improvement of many problems.

How do you see your company or product on the global stage?

We are a very new company, but we pursue other global labels and products. Every kombucha is unique, and there are different types regarding its taste (strength and acidity), fermentation technique, and therefore its characteristics. For several times we had the opportunity to let international kombucha producers taste our products, which ended up with positive feedback that made us all proud.


In what countries can your product be found?

For now, only in Turkey, where our products can be found in grocery stores, supermarket chains, many third-wave cafe chains, online markets, and five-star hotels. There is already a demand for our products from other countries as well, so we plan to expand in future.

What innovations do you have in the pipeline for the future?

We are always experimenting with new products and production techniques to find and develop natural and functional products with greater taste.

Contact Person: Esra Özcan

Email Address: eozcan@kombucha2200.com

Contact Number: +90 532 276 9053

Website Address: www.kombucha2200.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kombucha2200

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kombucha2200/?hl=en