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Based on the beautiful solar-powered farm of Klein Friesland in the Durbanville Farm Lands - GCS currently offers roasters a range of tasty and intentionally curated, high quality green coffees at competitive prices.

Green Coffee Supply was founded by Jarrod Faber who also founded the Coffee Roastery - Faber Coffeesmith a few years prior to this.

As a coffee roaster himself, Jarrod has dealt with all the pain points of sourcing, ordering and budgeting for green coffee beans, especially felt during the recent Covid pandemic. During this period, there was also quite a shift and disturbance in the green coffee market, with one major supplier shutting its doors and a few new individuals attempting to enter the market. 

This was when Jarrod founded Green Coffee Supply - with the intention to help roasters eliminate these pain points, offering the highest quality green coffee beans at the best value for money, with unparalleled service delivery.

They do this by exhaustively analysing lots before making purchases from producers. This allows them to expand their scope and refine their choices to the best producers and exporters this world has to offer, not to mention coming across hidden gems in the process.

Assessments on green coffee before purchase would include green defect grading, screen size analysis, cupping analysis and moisture analysis.

Mike Mac Donald, who is Green Coffee Supply's Coffee Specialist and licensed Q- Grader performs all these quality control checks.

Jarrod Faber
Managing Director & Founder
Mike Mac Donald
Coffee Specialist & Licensed Q-Grader

He has also been one of the judges for the coffee division of the Aurora competition for the past 4 years now, as well as Head judge for Coffee Magazine's A shot in the dark Roasting Competition for the last 4 years-which has now expanded to the Middle East, a division which he judges too, in the capacity of Head Judge.

Green Coffee Supply started building their foundation in Africa and have since started expanding their range to other origins around the world.

They have divided their offering into three quality categories, described by them here below.


This segment of our offer list is composed of coffees below 82 SCA score. As with all our coffees, they are intentionally curated for quality and purpose, while being incredibly high value at a competitive price.
These are the big hits that are intended to make up most of the well-crafted blends on the market. But don't be fooled by the term conventional, it's merely a formality. You will often find that GCS conventional lots are above the rest-with positive attributes that spark creativity and enjoyment in the craft. These are the staples we have always been looking for.

Pro Series

These lots showcase terroir and offer a broad scope in the sense of versatility in roasting, all while maintaining a competitive price point.

Want to refine the acidity profile, improve mouth feel quality, manipulate sweetness type and still be able to easily quantify the results?
Then these lots are for you. These coffees will typically score between 82 and 84. They are borderline specialty. On green grading analysis- these coffees perform like champs, but maybe just missed the mark. If you know how to roast, you'll scare the competition, regardless of what they are using.


These are highly traceable micro-lots, with an immaculate green grading analysis and pristine cup character and quality. They typically score 84+. Terroir is showcased in the truest sense. We'll always endeavour to find the most interesting and unique micro-lots we can get our hands on. 

Green Coffee Supply offers roasters:
Contact information:

Contact person: Mike Mac Donald

Email: info@greencoffeesupply.co.za

Telephone: +27 (0)79 696 9906

Website: https://www.greencoffeesupply.co.za/

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JET8 is our specialist logistics partner for countries like Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Canada.

JET8 Services

For those seeking international success for their products, we would like to introduce our services. We are here to assist you in experiencing shining moments at product evaluations and competitions.

Service Highlights:

Our services can be your excellent partners in international competition.

For more details or a quotation, please feel free to contact us at the following:

Email: event@jet8cargo.com

Phone: +81-3-6231-0527

We look forward to supporting your success.








メール: event@jet8cargo.com

電話番号: 03-6231-0527


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We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Ultimate water. Ultimate water supplies the cleanest water that is not stripped of minerals, to make coffee and tea at this year's awards.

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Water filtration systems for the food service and residential industry.

Why is water quality so important in the food industry?

Water has a dramatic impact on food service operation worldwide and the quality of the water used in any beverage will influence both the success of the end-product, as well as the longevity of the equipment used. Water forms the ever-important base and foundation for most beverages and even the most expensive coffee will not mask inferior or impure water sources that were not treated properly.

Ultimate Water is the sole distributor of Everpure water filtration in Southern Africa and recognises the need for a quality water purification solution. Everpure is the food service industry’s most recognised brand in water filtration and services worldwide. Our product quality is measured from idea to delivery through a rigorous quality index, so our customers can trust our products’ performance.

Ultimate Water premium water filtration systems ensure water that’s free of contaminants, allowing you to serve the highest quality beverages.

The Ultimate Water guarantee

Best water filtration for a health-conscious lifestyle


Making sure your product tastes the same across the country

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In house water testing as well as access to world-class water lab


Applying the correct water filtration will save your equipment from scale or corrosion

Wide Drp 600x200 1

Used by international companies


Knowing your clients and equipment is happy

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We always test your water before making a recommendation


20 years of experience

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We cater for most water conditions

Just Add Water - Water Filtration solutions

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Contact details:


Unit 5
40 Killarney Avenue
Killarney Gardens
Cape Town

Tel: 021 556 7418

Fax: 021 557 6023

Johannesburg (Branch)

27 Burton Circle
Foundersview South

Tel: 071 364 5066

Website: https://ultimatewater.co.za/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ultimatewatersa

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ultimatewaterza/

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S.Pellegrino has been an icon of Italian Lifestyle since 1899, it is the world’s leading sparkling natural mineral water appreciated by Chefs and Sommeliers, for its extraordinary taste to enhance any fine food experience.


S.Pellegrino 250ml

The source is in San Pellegrino Terme in the province of Bergamo, outside of Milan. With its spring situated 350m high at the foothill of the Italian Alps and bottled after a 30-year journey through the rock’s surface. Natural CO² addition and PH at the source of 7.7

S.Pellegrino is bottled at source with no human intervention or chemical treatments.

Certified by Alliance for Water Stewardship in 2020.

Contact information: 

Contact person: Ania Odynieckie

Email: ania@clearworld.co.za

Telephone: +27 (0)21 422 1226

Cellphone: +27 (0)82 414 0220

Address: Clearworld Suppliers, 15 Marinus Road, Marconi Beam, Cape Town, 7441 

Website: https://clearworld.co.za/

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Theron du Plessis Helderberg opened its offices in May 2003 and has subsequently grown from a single-partner practice to a five-partner practice with branches located in Somerset West, Tulbagh and Port Elizabeth.

The Theron du Plessis group offers a comprehensive range of financial services to its clients from various sectors of the economy, situated in all provinces of South Africa as well as internationally.

For more information, visit www.theronduplessis.com.

Phone: +27 (21) 851 2385

Email: info@sw.tdp.co.za

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Mahlkönig is the first-choice coffee grinder of baristas and roasters around the world.  Since 1924, the company’s coffee grinders have been regarded as guarantors of the highest quality coffee possible. Mahlkönig enables an even extraction of the precious coffee aroma with outstanding grinding performances. The results are utterly unique taste experiences served with every single cup.

The product management relies on a systematic translation of the market’s requirement to realise the customers’ desired taste profiles. The performance and product quality are the result of the engagement and experience of long-term colleagues working on the engineering, production and assembly lines. This is how Mahlkönig stays on top as the undisputed market leader.

Mahlkönig EK43

The EK43 has conquered the international coffee specialty industry, and rules as the undisputed queen of coffee grinders. The EK43 gives high performance, reliability and premium grinding results. Its outstanding grinding profile remains unmatched. The EK43 provides the most even extraction of coffee aroma. Its special shape has become an icon within the international barista scene, which feels deeply connected to the EK43 by its shared passion for coffee.

LLP 177 Koffie.jpg

Watch the video below to get more insight into the event

To find out more about Mahlkönig visit https://www.mahlkoenig.de/ or to find Mahlkönig in South Africa, go to https://equipmentcafe.co.za/ .

For dealer enquiries phone 010 446 2200 or email sales@equipmentcafe.co.za

23 Susan St, Strijdompark, Randburg, 2169

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Hario chosen as preferred supplier

This Japanese company has been dedicated to the design, production, and sale of heatproof glass since it was founded in 1921. The company began as a manufacturer of laboratory glassware. In 1948, production was expanded to include household items, starting with the coffee syphon.

MB image1.jpg

Watch the video below to get more insight into the event

When Japan’s specialty coffee industry began to boom, Hario started to develop and produce manual coffee-brewing equipment. The simple designs ensured that Hario quickly became the leading brand in the coffee industry world-wide.

Hario is the hand-brewing equipment manufacturer of choice for baristas and coffee roasters alike. Their pour-over equipment is elegant, affordable and produces perfect coffee. When the Aurora International Taste Challenge started their Coffee Roasting Awards, Hario were the obvious and best partner to get on board.

To find out more about Hario, visit https://global.hario.com/ or to find Hario in South Africa, contact Equipment Café https://equipmentcafe.co.za/ .

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We are grateful for the help we received this year from Judy Romon this year to help prepare the food. Judy founded Sowing and Reaping, a non-profit organisation, and we would like to raise awareness for this noble cause.

Sowing and Reaping is a Non-Profit Organisation, founded by Judy Romon, a qualified Pastry Chef with Corporate working experience spanning twenty-four years as well as operating a bake-from-home business for the past seven years. Judy acquired her Pastry Chef qualification from Silwood School of Cookery at the age of forty-five, and she was awarded top student in her class. After many years of passionately enjoying home baking, Judy’s mission is to use her skills and experiences acquired to address unemployment by upskilling women through baking. With the high unemployment rate, this course meets the needs of individuals and their immediate families by enabling graduates to earn a living which will not only benefit themselves by being self-employed, but also their communities. The seven-day home bakers’ course is offered free of charge to eligible applicants.

The Baking School is initially be run from Judy’s home studio in Edgemead, Cape Town. The facility can accommodate three students per course with twenty-three courses planned annually from March to February, training a total of sixty-nine students per year. Alicia Meder, Operations Director, oversees the daily running of the organisation.


The Baking School will initially be run from Judy’s home studio in Edgemead, Cape Town. The facility can accommodate three students per course with twenty-three courses planned annually from March to February, training a total of sixty-nine students per year. Alicia Meder, Operations Director oversees the daily running of the organisation.

LLP 065 Aurora Web size 1
Judy Romon preparing food at the 2022 Aurora Challenge

Contact details

Contact person: Judy Romon

Email Address:  info@sowingandreaping.org.za  

Contact Number: 083 346 7179 and 083 3098 2294

Website:  https://www.sowingandreaping.org.za

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sowingandreapingNPO

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Opening a coffee shop isn’t easy, but a detailed coffee shop equipment list can set you up for success.

Despite all the recent ups and downs, it’s actually still a great time to enter the coffee business. According to a July 2020 report from Research and Markets, the global coffee shop market is expected to be worth $237.6 billion by 2025. Coffee is the second most popular drink in the world and has a major influence in our social lives and daily habits.

To open a successful coffee shop, you’ll have to research trends, find reliable wholesale partners and order the best coffee shop equipment that your budget allows. This is where Equipment Café comes in. Equipment Café brings market leading coffee and tea equipment and accessories from all over the world, with highly trained and knowledgeable staff.

Contact information:

Contact person: George Karatzas

Email: george@equipmentcafe.co.za

Telephone: +27 (0)60 989 1271

Address: 23 Susan St, Strijdompark, Randburg, 2169

Website: www.equipmentcafe.co.za     

Chosen as industry-leading logistics partner

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The DHL Express family of specialised Business Units offers an unrivaled portfolio of logistics products and solutions ranging from domestic to international express deliveries.

DHL connects people in over 220 countries and territories worldwide. Driven by the power of more than 100 000+ employees globally, they deliver integrated services and tailored solutions for managing and transporting customers’ shipments.

Their top priority is to continually deliver the best possible service for every customer. DHL Express monitors 90,000,000 global checkpoints every day to spot crisis situations that might impact customers’ shipments and they are staffed and equipped to take action before delays occur.

DHL continue to invest in the ‘Big Yellow Machine’, with state-of-the-art hubs around the world which ensure that customers’ shipments move at the Speed of Yellow.

DHL office Paarl.jpg
35 Zandwyk Business Park, Old Paarl Road, Paarl

Special relationship

The Aurora International Taste Challenge, in partnering with DHL, contacted the local Boland team in Paarl. In all correspondence with our clients we recommend making use of DHL Express. All samples can be sent care of Marijke Douglas, and DHL will consolidate where needed, and ensure timely delivery.

For more information on DHL, visit https://www.dhl.com/za-en/home.html or contact the Boland team directly on 021 872 4717.