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We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Genio Roasters. Genio Roasters manufactures coffee machines for the specialty coffee roasting industry.

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Why buy a Genio? Because it’s a Genio

Our clients invest in Genio Roasters because that is what they want to own.  They do not want another machine.  They do not buy a Genio because it is more or less expensive than another machine, or because we offer this or that feature that others don’t.  They buy Genio’s coffee roasting machines because it fulfils a dream:  They dream of having a Genio machine stand proudly in their roastery and because they believe in Genio as a company, a brand and a lifelong partner.

Why buy a Genio?  See for yourself!

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Every Genio coffee roasting machine is designed as a drum roaster. It consists of a rotating drum that agitates the coffee beans. The drum rotates while the beans inside are heated, typically by means of a gas burner, while a fan draws hot air through the beans. It has a double-wall drum, which may result in a softer, more even application of minimal conduction heat to the beans. This intense focus on convection roasting is what gives coffee roasted on a Genio it’s unique floral yet full-bodied flavour. The cooling-down process is quick and controlled though a dedicated fan and a stirring motion of specially designed agitators.


Engineers have the mindset that there is no such thing as a problem that cannot be solved. It is just a matter of spending time and energy towards finding that solution.

At Genio we are devoted to keep on innovating and discovering new ways to respond to the unmet needs and preferences in the coffee roastery. When the final signature of quality is put on a Genio, you can be assured that it is done with the greatest of pride and confidence in the machines we design and manufacture.

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Assembly represents the final phase in the process of manufacturing a Genio. It is here where the components supplied by outside suppliers, including our own manufactured engineering parts, are brought together to build a premium coffee roaster.

During assembly, one person performs all the tasks in the manufacturing process of a Genio.  In so doing, the individual is accountable for everything that happens on the quality control of every part and every process of that machine up to the finished product.

At Genio quality control is seen as a process of personal commitment from the design of the roaster up to the assembly process and beyond.

Quality Control

Quality control involves maintaining a level of consistency in quality across the entire value chain.

We have set ourselves the highest quality manufacturing standards. Each one of our parts have stringent quality standards that must be passed. These standards lay the foundation for the final product and are continually updated as living documents that grow with us and with our customers’ expectations.

Quality control does not stop at Genio ticking the boxes on a checklist. Our suppliers need to adhere to our quality standards, and these standards are followed across every department at Genio, from the welding bay right through to our Customer Experience Team. We refer to it as the Genio life cycle – the entire value chain from end to end.

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Customer Experience

Our aim is to create not only the most beautifully designed coffee roasters, but also to bring you a product experience that will linger beyond every roast. We partner with you for life and our drive to continuously improve and innovate will be a benefit to you for as long as you are the proud owner of a Genio.



Genio’s range of premium coffee roasters

The Genio range of premium coffee roasters was developed by Neil Maree and perfected by the Genio engineering team. The Genio range is ideal for any type of roastery: from beginner or sample roasting to serious roasting operations where speed, consistency and reliability are key.

You can expect a high-performance, hand-crafted premium coffee roaster, engineered for optimal performance, batch after batch.



Why is a Green Bean Loader necessary in the roastery?

Lifting heavy bags of green coffee beans above your head and loading them into the hopper can be a back-breaking exercise and even pose an occupational health risk to you. We aim to improve your experience of the entire roasting process.



Why is a Destoner necessary in the roastery?

It is common to find foreign debris amongst green coffee beans because of the way the beans are harvested on the coffee plantations. This includes small stones, chips of concrete, small pieces of the coffee plant and twigs.


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Contact person: George Robinson

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Contact Number: +27 11 794 6112