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September 23, 2022
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Oakhurst Olives was awarded a Silver and two Gold awards at the 2022 awards, so we were keen to learn more about this successful estate.

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Oakhurst Olives is situated on the beautiful mountain slopes of Tulbagh, the farm and climate is ideal for Olive cultivation with hot summers, and cold winters, these conditions, together with relative isolation, suppress pests and diseases allowing for minimal chemical spray interventions. Oakhurst was planned and developed from inception with the goal of producing the best quality table olives and olive oil available, so cultivar choice and orchard layout favoured Kalamata as the main cultivar, and the best international cultivars for olive oil as pollinators. Orchards were laid out according to modern sustainable intensive methods where trees are kept small for easy harvesting by hand, and all natural resources are used as efficiently as possible. Olive oil mill waste is returned to the orchard directly after pressing and spread in a thin layer on the soil as valuable organic matter, reducing the carbon footprint.

Oakhurst’s orchards, oil mill and processing facilities are just the right size to be owner managed efficiently with the necessary attention to detail ensuring top quality products and happy staff, as well as a minimal carbon footprint.  The Olives are hand-picked and most production processes are done by hand on site to ensure top quality products as well as supplying much needed income to local families. Oakhurst is passionate about producing a product that consumers will enjoy, as well as giving them assurance of purity and health benefits.

Oakhurst uses only salt and water in the curing process of the Kalamata Olives. The water is sourced from the farm and is of such good quality no treatment is required, resulting in a healthy, pure tasting product. Water quality as well as the natural fermentation process is attributed to the success of the table olives.

Oakhurst caters for a broad demographic, from the luxury market to every day and restaurant use, the Olives can also be found in salads on international flights!  Only positive feedback on the products has been received, which can be attributed to the hands-on approach to production and insistence on continued uniformity of quality.

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Oakhurst has a unique Tasting Room where prospective customers and members of the public can experience a Tutored Tasting.  The Tasting includes all the products produced, as well as much needed information about the emerging Olive and Olive Oil market in South Africa.

Contact details:

Contact person: Charmaine Doubell

Email Address: admin@oakhurstolives.co.za

Contact Number: +27(0)23  230 0842

Website: https://oakhurstolives.co.za

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oakhurstolives

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oakhurstolives