Tsitsikamma Spring Water

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Tsitsikamma Spring water is a very well known brand, synonymous with water of superior quality. This year, they won a silver award for their still water, and a Double Gold award for their sparkling water. We wanted to learn more about this unique company.

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We asked Holly Robinson to tell us about this company:
Please tell us when your company was founded and some of its history.

Judy Woodgate started Tsitsikamma Spring Water in 1997 after discovering the high quality of spring water on their farm situated against the southern slope of the Tsitsikamma Mountains.

The Tsitsikamma was the home of the ancient Khoisan people, who called it ‘Sietsiekamma’ or the ‘place of clear water’. Initially, Judy single-handedly bottled, packaged, invoiced, and delivered to a supportive local community. 

Today, Tsitsikamma Spring Water operates from tailor-made premises with automated filling machines and has an ever-growing staff complement. 

What are some of the unique features of your company?

Our sweet and delicate spring water is our unique and special feature. Tsitsikamma Spring water is filtered naturally as it journeys through various layers of rock, which impart the delicate balance of minerals and trace elements that give it its unique, naturally sweet taste.

Our source is unique in that only Mother Nature occupies the mountainous Nature Conservation Area where the source of Tsitsikamma Spring Water is found. This ancient, natural wilderness remains unspoiled, removing the risk of external pollution.

Tsitsikamma Spring Water is a gift from nature, and therefore we feel that we should give back to nature. Since inception, we have donated per bottle sold to the Dolphin Action and Protection Group (DAPG) for their Save the Whales Campaign until the whales were no longer as endangered as they used to be. In March 2014, we committed ourselves to rhino conservation by donating per bottle sold to the Greater Kruger Environmental Protection Forum (GKEPF) for rhino protection.

What do you think are some of the unique products you have?

Again, the quality and sweet taste of our water, as nature gives it to us, is our most unique feature and what we are most proud of.

Our eco-bottles, which we use across the full range, are 100% recyclable and are made using a mix of recycled PET plastic (rPET) and virgin plastic. Tsitsikamma Spring Water is the first South African spring water available in a bottle made using rPET; and the first South African water bottler to launch the use of rPET across its entire range of bottles.

Please tell us what is unique about your manufacturing process, and your manufacturing philosophy.

All preforms and bottles are manufactured at the source, reducing transport and related carbon emissions. This is done using state-of-the-art machinery and a skilled technical team. Tsitsikamma Spring Water is a delicate product, and we aim to retain the water’s unique taste and balance of minerals as nature has given it to us. 


What do you think is your distinct advantage or reason for your success?

Tsitsikamma Spring Water is a family business and since inception has followed Judy Woodgate’s mission statement of ‘Best product, Best service and Best relationships’.

We have an extremely dedicated team of people, from the factory floor right through to top management, who proudly work behind the brand and uphold the mission statement across all aspects of the business.  

What is the consumer demographic of your products, and what feedback are you getting?

Ultimately, Tsitsikamma Spring Water is aimed at the medium to high LSM consumer who recognize the benefit of drinking natural Spring Water and appreciate the unique and delicately sweet taste of our water.

We are regularly complimented on the taste of our water, in particular our sparkling. We have also been told that our sparkling water compliments whiskey beautifully, and we agree.

Do you perhaps have some innovations in the pipeline?

We are continually exploring the best and most sustainable packaging options and innovate around new technology and ideas which are made available.


Contact details:

Contact person: Holly Robinson

Email Address: admin@tswater.co.za

Contact Number: +27(0)42 285 0201/2/3

Website: https://tsitsikammawater.co.za/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tsitsikammaspringwaterZA/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tsitsikamma_springwater/