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Two Terriers Coffee recently won a gold award for their Panama Geisha Coffee, and we had to find out more about this company.

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We asked Xander Collen to tell us about this company:

Please tell us when your company was founded, and some of its history.

Our online store launched in February 2022 with a few months of planning and brainstorming, creating what we know now as Two Terriers Coffee.

We are two brothers who have developed our own appreciation and love for coffee. We realise coffee brings people together, creating memories in special places with the ones you hold dear.

What do you think are some of the unique products you have?

Coffee is unique, and the Panama Geisha from Finca Santa Teresa is definitely at the top of our list. Being silly enough to import this remarkable bean, we were quite amazed by what we have achieved with it. Being one of the few companies in South Africa currently selling the bean makes it a special occurrence.


What do you think is your distinct advantage or reason for your success?

We prefer quality over convenience, and the quality of our products speaks for itself. We have world-class roasters who understand coffee.

Furthermore, we also understand the importance of client experience. A little feistiness and fearlessness also help a bit.

What is the consumer demographic of your products, and what feedback are you getting?

We would like to think that we cater to coffee enthusiasts and your everyday coffee drinker. We are in love with the outdoors, and we share our coffee experience online for more people to get out there and enjoy incredibly great coffee.  

The Panama Geisha is one of a kind and certainly the most exquisite variety we have released. We hope to release equivalent coffee in the future and become a household name in South Africa and the Aurora Taste Challenge.

How do you see your company or product on the global stage?

Our Malawi Geisha and Panama Geisha coffees have seen the shores of the international market and have been sent to Dubai, Taiwan, Namibia, and even the United States of America, so we are keen to see what the future holds.

We are based out in the northern suburbs of Cape Town, and we are looking at opening a few locations within the region soon.

In what countries can your products be found?

South Africa, but we can ship internationally.

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Contact details:

Contact person: Xander Collen

Email Address:

Contact Number: +27 (0)81 8765 672