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LS Mooka Trading has been making waves lately, and earned a gold award for their Mooka Rum at the 2023 awards. We were curious to learn more about this visionary company.

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Please tell us when your company was founded and some of its history.

Well… MOOKA Rum was founded in 2022 by Lebogang Mooka. The founder and brand owner admits, “I initially wanted to start a brand of gin, but after a few months of doing some research and testing a variety of rum brands I fell in love with Rum. It was really the history behind the product and the process of how it is made, that inspired me.” After doing market research, Lebo identified the knowledge gap in the market and took it upon herself to share knowledge and celebrate this remarkable spirit by introducing her own brand. Lebo giggles: “I think my surname is pretty cool, and so I decided to use it to pay homage to those who came before me.”

Mooka Rum
Please tell us what is unique about your production/manufacturing process, and your philosophy around this.

Mooka Rum is uniquely hand-crafted, produced from a selection of molasses. After fermentation and distillation, it is gradually enriched with French Oak Wood chip, resulting in a palatable rounded taste with only the distinct original notes of molasses and woody undertones.

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What do you think is your distinct advantage or reason for your success?

Our success is a result of the quality of the product we produce and the service we provide to our customers. We do not compromise when it comes to delivering the best. Passion plays a big role in what we do and how we do it.  I have been working with a wonderful mentor/ trained distiller (Johan Pistorius) from Earthbound Distillery - rated the best distillery in South Africa, who manufactures and produces the product for me. The design of the bottle itself is of high quality and tells an authentic story about the brand. Mooka Rum has been tried, tested and approved by a group of well-trained experts globally through spirits competitions and that has really helped with building trust and confidence with our customers.

Gold medal – Aurora International Taste Challenge, 2023

Silver medal – Investec The Trophy Spirits Show 2023

Silver medal – London Spirits Competition 2023 (Highest scoring rum from South Africa)

What is the consumer demographic of your products, and what feedback are you getting?

MOOKA Rum is currently consumed by a wide range of different demographics. From the townships to the suburbs throughout the country.

How do you see your company or product on the global stage?

The brand has grown so fast in the few months that we have been in the game. We have received recognition from international companies, and we cannot wait to make this a global brand… Mooka Rum will soon be a household name.

Please tell us if you have any innovations in the pipeline for the future.

We are definitely planning to expand the brand with more spirits in the future, and to bring our products to countries outside South Africa. We are currently exploring on different flavors and colors for our next spirit.

Mooka Lady
Lebo Mooka with her rum.

Contact details

Contact person: Lebogang Mooka

Email Address:

Contact Number: +27 (0)73 822 2259