Charcuterie, Sausage, Dried and Other Meat Awards

CADAC, the perfect braai partner

Watch the video below to get more insight into the event

CADAC was a natural partner as they are an international company based in South Africa with more than 70 years’ experience in creating the braai life. When we asked CADAC to partner with us, there was no hesitation as the representatives of the Institute of Culinary Arts could use state-of-the-art gas burners to braai the meat from entrants to perfection for the panellists to evaluate.

CADAC designs and manufactures products that maximise the enjoyment of the BBQ experience with family and friends. You can create exciting dishes on their BBQs, which is something else that they are passionate about; ‘barbequing’ or ‘braaiing’ as they call it in CADAC, is not just about grilling a hamburger, it is the experience of being able to create delicious and interesting meals.

With their many cooking tops, they offer unparalleled versatility. From grilling, to baking, boiling, slow cooking, argentine grilling, paella-pan cooking, teppanyaki-style cooking, oven-style cooking and roasting, to ‘Plancha’ grilling, a Spanish favourite.

For more information regarding their products got to www.cadacinternational.com


21 Constantia Boulevard
Constantia Kloof Ext. 10
1709 South Africa

T: +27 11 470 6600
E: [email protected]