Condiment and Sauce Awards

About the Aurora International Taste Challenge Condiment and Sauce Awards.

This year The Aurora International Taste Challenge will be held in South Africa, and will have some of the top food professionals judging products from around the world.  The goal is to identify and award the best-tasting products available to consumers.

The aim of the panellists is to assess the quality of products from the consumer’s point of view, in similar circumstances to those in which a consumer would enjoy the product. This event will champion meat products from around the world that are made for the discerning consumer.

This year condiments and sauces will be judged the following main categories, with several sub categories:

  • Meat/Burger Sauces
  • Marinades And Basting
  • Sauce For Seafood Dishes
  • Traditional Condiments (Not Soy)
  • Mustards (Not Sauces)
  • Chilli Based Sauce
  • Chutney
  • Condiments For Asian Cuisine
  • Condiments For Mexican Cuisine
  • Jellies
  • Mayonaise
  • Pasta Sauces
  • Pesto
  • Traditional French Condiments
  • Soy Sauces
  • Vinegar
  • Salad Dressings
  • Dips For Baked Chips, Bread Or Vegetables
  • Any Other Condiments
There are numerous subcategories, but entrants are welcome to create their own, to showcase their own unique products.
While many consumers are brand-loyal, most would choose an alternative if they had access to fair product ratings. The Aurora International Taste Challenge will grant merit and trophy awards to exceptional products that are readily available worldwide. We are proud to be setting new quality standards in the food industry.

Why should condiment and sauce producers or distributors enter The Aurora International Taste Challenge?

Winners of The Aurora International Taste Challenge will enjoy bragging rights and can display their award artwork in email signatures, on the product itself as well as in digital and print media, all royalty-free.

Superior products will be granted Gold and Double Gold status, to reward excellent quality. Exceptional products that exceed expectations will be eligible for Trophy awards. Besides the normal technical criteria used during judging, a wow factor and a reading on the judge’s hedonic scale of enjoyment will be taken into account.

Stickers for gold and double gold awards will also be available for purchase by the winners. A one-time print run will be done, and extra stickers will be available on a first come, first served basis. You do not have to order stickers.

Here is a close approximation of what the 25 x 25 mm stickers look like.

Winning producers will be able to display award artwork on the product itself, in digital media, and in print media for a period of one year from when the awards are granted. Winners will receive a digital award artwork kit with all permutations of the artwork related to the award received, and will be able to use the artwork subject to a non-exclusive licence agreement. No royalties are charged.

By winning an award you will ensure that your product is discovered, or rediscovered in a blind tasting, without bias or prejudice.

Here are some examples of the award artwork. Colours can be adjusted to suit packaging. No physical trophies or awards are awarded.

The award artwork can be used where very little space as available, and artwork with detail more appropriate to smaller areas is also available.

2020 Event Video

To give you an idea what the event is about, here is the video for the meat categories for 2020

Set your quality product apart from the sea of others, to show that quality, not just your marketing budget, still counts for a lot.



We are proud to be partnering with the following companies to make the 2021 Aurora International Taste Challenge a big success



Timeline for 2021 event

16 March 2021 Early Bird Special
Entries Open

Early bird entry fee R990 excluding VAT (approximately USD76 or EUR66) from 16 March until 7 June 2021

8 June 2021 Entries are R1300 excl VAT (approximately USD96 or EUR84)
Regular entry fees

Early bird entry price ends, and the regular entry fee of R1300 excluding VAT (approximately USD96 or EUR84) applies from 8 June to 14 September 2021

14 September 2021 Regular entries close and late entry fee applies afterwards
Late entry fees

Late entry fee of R1440 excluding VAT (approximately USD115 or EUR101) applies from 15 September to final close on 21 September 2021

21 September 2021 Final close of entries
Final close of entries

Final entries close

27 and 28 September 2021 Monday and Tuesday delivery between 09:00 and 16:00
Delivery of samples

Final delivery of samples to Stellenbosch, South Africa

Entry Fees and dates
  • 8 June 2021 – Normal entry fee is R1300 excluding VAT (approximately USD96 or EUR84) after this date up to 14 September 2021.
  • 15 September 2021 – Late entries can be submitted for R1550 excluding VAT (approximately USD115 or EUR101) after this date.
  • 21 September 2021 – Entries close

Stickers will be available to the winners at R330 excluding VAT per 1000. There will be only one print run, and extra stickers will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Condiments and Sauce Awards information

What criteria are used to judge the products?

All condiments and sauces will be judged from the  consumer’s standpoint. The criteria that will be used to judge the products will vary according to the specific category, but the most common criteria used will be:

  • Appearance
  • Aroma
  • Flavour
  • Texture ( if applicable)
  • Typicity
  • Overall
The weight of the different criteria will also vary from one class another.
These products will be judged with suitable accompaniments, including vegetables, crackers, pasta, potatoe chips, bread, crackers and other accompaniments as appropriate for each class. Some products will be judged on their own without accompaniment.
How much product is needed for samples?

The following samples are needed:

  • For all condiments and sauces a minimum of 3 separate containers / packets with a combined weight of 180 grams / ml is needed.
  • Multi packs may not be entered as samples.
Who will be judging these products?

Products will be judged by food professionals with an intimate knowledge of condiments and sauces.

Are there any royalties involved?

No royalties are payable.

An electronic certificate will be emailed to winning participants. Subject to adherence to the terms of the non-exclusive licence agreement, winners will also have a non-exclusive licence to make use of the digital award artwork kit, with various logos and award artwork to use on their product, in email signatures, in digital and in print media for a period of one year from the time the awards are announced. No physical trophies or awards are presented.

Can I use this award artwork for all the brands that this product is produced under?

The award artwork may only be used for the particular brand and product that was entered. If the company markets the exact same product under different brand names,  additional non-exclusive licences will be granted to be used for the additional brands the product is sold under, at the price of the original entry fee.

Stickers will also be available for purchase.

FAQs regarding samples delivery

Where do the samples need to be sent?

Participants may use any courier, but please ensure that samples are delivered to:


The Aurora International Taste Challenge

C/o Celia Gilloway

The Conference Centre

Klein Joostenberg

R304 Muldersvlei

Koelenhof Road


South Africa

GPS coordinates: – 33 82’ 66 21 S / 18 79” 55 15 W

Samples must be delivered between 9:00 and 16:00 on the two days allocated.

Person receiving samples:

Celia Gilloway
Email: celia@eventsbycelia.com
Tel: 082 782 1977

We have partnered with DHL to allow for timely delivery. When making use of DHL, please ensure you send your samples to:

DHL Paarl
35 Zandwyk Park
Old Paarl Road
South Africa

For the attention of:
The Aurora International Taste Challenge
C/o Marijke Douglas

 You can contact Marijke on Marijke.Douglas@dhl.com  or phone her on 021 872 4717. DHL will consolidate the samples to make sure they are delivered on time.

Products from outside South Africa need the necessary time to clear customs. Also, add the wording: “Samples of no commercial value – for attention The Aurora International Taste Challenge C/o Marijke Douglas”. Contact Marijke on Marijke.Douglas@dhl.com or phone her on +27 (0)21 872 4717 for more details.

Products that are sent that have to maintain the cold chain, need to be packed accordingly, and the DHL overnight service can be used.

Late entries might not be accepted.

For additional information contact Sanet van Heerden at hello@aurorachallenge.com. This event is run by the Awards Show (Pty) Ltd.

With regards to DHL and overnight delivery, how certain can I be that the sample receives the necessary urgency to deliver on time?

When making use of DHL, please ensure you send your samples to:

DHL Paarl
35 Zandwyk Park
Old Paarl Road
South Africa

For the attention of:
The Aurora International Taste Challenge
C/o Marijke Douglas

Make sure you arrange with Marijke on Marijke.Douglas@dhl.com or phone her on +27 (0)21 872 4717 to make sure everything will be in order. 

Do taxes and customs fees only relate to imports?

Only samples sent from outside of South Africa will accrue taxes, clearance and customs fees.

As you have partnered with DHL, do entrants get a reduced-price option?

Because DHL consolidates deliveries, the prices will be reduced. Make sure you arrange with Marijke on Marijke.Douglas@dhl.com or phone her on +27 (0)21 872 4717 to get the necessary detail.

Overnight deliveries and deliveries from outside of South Africa will be at normal DHL rates.

Will you have a show for people/companies to attend if they are not entering the competition?

The Aurora International Taste Challenge is not a trade show or public event. Only the organisers and judges are present.

There is also no prize-giving ceremony or trade / public tasting afterwards.

By winning an award you will ensure that your product is discovered, or rediscovered in a blind tasting, without bias or prejudice.

Rules particular to condiments and sauces

  • All samples to be clearly labelled to identify the entries. This information includes the name of the manufacturer, commercial name of the product, and the particular variant of the product if appropriate.
  • All samples must display the batch number, Use by Date and Best before date.
  • Because this is an international event, the basic guidelines for classes must be followed, but it is up to the entree to choose a class that is appropriate relative to their own frame of reference. The judges reserve the right to move the product to a more appropriate class.
  • All entries have to arrive, having maintained the cold chain as appropriate, from the producer to the delivery point, and must be in suitable and hygienic packaging.
  • The same product, even if under a different brand or name, may not be entered twice.
  • Wherever possible vacuum sealing of samples is preferred.
  • Any products left over after judging become the property of the competition.
  • All costs related to delivery, including customs fees and taxes etc. are at the participant’s expense.
  • Only commercially operated importers, roasters, producers or distributors that abide by the food laws of the country of origin may enter.
  • Winners will be asked to supply the competition with high resolution packshots for use on its website, and in marketing materials. By entering this competition the participant grants The Aurora International Taste Challenge unlimited use of these images.
  • Be sure to securely wrap entries with bubble wrap or similar material to secure your entries against breakage. Please wrap your final package in a plastic bag and make it leakproof  in order to prevent leakage and damage to other products. Label samples as fragile.
  • Specialised packaging material or any other packaging material will not be returned. Specialised packaging material can significantly preserve the final quality and viability of the sample being judged.
  • If styrofoam peanuts are used for packaging, please secure them in a container that will not cause leakage or spillage of the packaging materials.
  • International entries must take the necessary precautions to prevent breakage and hold-ups in customs, and are encouraged to use local agents to deliver samples.
  • If more than one box of samples are delivered, please mark the boxes as “Box 1 of 5”, “Box 2 of 5” etc.
  • After winners are announced, no additional samples are needed.
  • Leftover samples will become the property of the event.