Partnering with MM Canals - A market leader

Canals is a family-owned company, founded in 1947. Since its beginning in Martorell (Barcelona, Spain), the company has directed its efforts towards the innovation of its products. They have manufactured and marketed an enormous variety of goods, all of them related to the packaging and sealing processes of different sectors (crown cork, metal caps, aluminium caps, seals, etc…).

Since the late 80s, Canals has been strongly committed to the manufacture of tinfoil caps and shrink seals for different markets. Nowadays, it is a world-renowned manufacturer. In 2017 the company became part of the Lafitte Group.

Originally, the capsules were used as a seal to ensure the product’s food safety. Nowadays, although they still perform their main task, they also play a fundamental role in branding. The Lafitte Group has adapted to the demands of the market by offering the best possible quality and service.

MM Canals are distributed by RX South Africa.

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