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Based on the beautiful solar-powered farm of Klein Friesland in the Durbanville Farm Lands - GCS currently offers roasters a range of tasty and intentionally curated, high quality green coffees at competitive prices.

Green Coffee Supply was founded by Jarrod Faber who also founded the Coffee Roastery - Faber Coffeesmith a few years prior to this.

As a coffee roaster himself, Jarrod has dealt with all the pain points of sourcing, ordering and budgeting for green coffee beans, especially felt during the recent Covid pandemic. During this period, there was also quite a shift and disturbance in the green coffee market, with one major supplier shutting its doors and a few new individuals attempting to enter the market. 

This was when Jarrod founded Green Coffee Supply - with the intention to help roasters eliminate these pain points, offering the highest quality green coffee beans at the best value for money, with unparalleled service delivery.

They do this by exhaustively analysing lots before making purchases from producers. This allows them to expand their scope and refine their choices to the best producers and exporters this world has to offer, not to mention coming across hidden gems in the process.

Assessments on green coffee before purchase would include green defect grading, screen size analysis, cupping analysis and moisture analysis.

Mike Mac Donald, who is Green Coffee Supply's Coffee Specialist and licensed Q- Grader performs all these quality control checks.

Jarrod Faber
Managing Director & Founder
Mike Mac Donald
Coffee Specialist & Licensed Q-Grader

He has also been one of the judges for the coffee division of the Aurora competition for the past 4 years now, as well as Head judge for Coffee Magazine's A shot in the dark Roasting Competition for the last 4 years-which has now expanded to the Middle East, a division which he judges too, in the capacity of Head Judge.

Green Coffee Supply started building their foundation in Africa and have since started expanding their range to other origins around the world.

They have divided their offering into three quality categories, described by them here below.


This segment of our offer list is composed of coffees below 82 SCA score. As with all our coffees, they are intentionally curated for quality and purpose, while being incredibly high value at a competitive price.
These are the big hits that are intended to make up most of the well-crafted blends on the market. But don't be fooled by the term conventional, it's merely a formality. You will often find that GCS conventional lots are above the rest-with positive attributes that spark creativity and enjoyment in the craft. These are the staples we have always been looking for.

Pro Series

These lots showcase terroir and offer a broad scope in the sense of versatility in roasting, all while maintaining a competitive price point.

Want to refine the acidity profile, improve mouth feel quality, manipulate sweetness type and still be able to easily quantify the results?
Then these lots are for you. These coffees will typically score between 82 and 84. They are borderline specialty. On green grading analysis- these coffees perform like champs, but maybe just missed the mark. If you know how to roast, you'll scare the competition, regardless of what they are using.


These are highly traceable micro-lots, with an immaculate green grading analysis and pristine cup character and quality. They typically score 84+. Terroir is showcased in the truest sense. We'll always endeavour to find the most interesting and unique micro-lots we can get our hands on. 

Green Coffee Supply offers roasters:
  • Split-Bag buying options at no extra cost per-kilo
  • Free delivery on full bag orders for Cape Town & surrounds (<60km)
  • Flat rate delivery cost for orders less than a full bag
  • Professional roasting analysis & advice on all our green coffees
  • Tailored blend development & green coffee purchasing advice
Contact information:

Contact person: Mike Mac Donald


Telephone: +27 (0)79 696 9906