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The Aurora International Taste Challenge celebrates and honours universal food quality. This challenge was established to recognise and award drink and food product excellence, while helping consumers purchase award-winning, professionally rated products with confidence.

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In partnering with an established brand, like Crystal Direct Trading, The Aurora International Taste Challenge would be able to assure the appropriate stemware for judges regardless of the product entered. This company was founded by Ivo Zreck in 2006 and is built on the mastery of glassmaking. They pride themselves on being the first crystal glassware distributor in South Africa that makes crystal items available to everyone!  Until their presence in the SA market, crystal was not considered for everyday use, but rather for special occasions only.  The company offers the largest variety of crystal items, from drinking glasses to décor to chandeliers.

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Crystal Direct as perfect partner

Crystal Direct’s product is built on the rich 600-year mastery of glassmaking in Bohemia, famous for its history and quality. The company manufactures unique hand-crafted, machine-blown crystal glassware and everyday household items, and imports direct from factories. They also, offer custom designed glassware to clients who order the minimum quantities required.  This gives their clients the edge of being able to offer something unique to their customers. 

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Their suppliers are manufacturers of top-quality crystal and glassware, which they offer to their clients. Some of the crystal they offer are their own designs. They also purchase hand-made items, and some are mouth-blown exclusive pieces. Crystal Direct imports a range of crystal products from manufacturers in Bohemia, known for the best quality crystal, as well as from manufacturers in Italy, Poland, France, Spain, Asia, Middle East, and USA.

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Crystal Direct Trading’s versatility and branding options for clients give them a distinct advantage in the marketplace.  They supply well-known companies with their exclusive banding and exclusive designs. Crystal Direct Trading introduced crystal ware to South Africa on a larger scale and to a bigger audience. Their customers range from top restaurants to well-known distilleries, to the general public.  The company has made quality and class affordable, and assists small entrepreneurs to get started, while also supplying large online companies. Some well-known retailers have been purchasing from them for years.

The company is moving into the African market and has interested parties around the globe. Although the product range is available in South Africa, exports are made to Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Ghana. They envisage being an international supplier in the future.


Crystal Direct Trading is concerned about the environment and the effects of global warming. On 1st of November, 2020, they teamed up with World Wildlife Foundation in support of wildlife, and are officially a proud supporter of World Wildlife Foundation. Their products and packaging are eco-friendly, making it a perfect match. Selected Crane Crystal brand products will carry the World Wildlife Foundation logo on the product and packaging, showing their commitment to make their contribution, one box at a time. The Crane range identifies with threatened species and as such, has dedicated the packaging to highlight these species.  There are 16 core line items in the New Crane range. These include flutes, white wine, red wine, tumblers, stemless, and whisky glasses. They plan to expand the Crane range, and continue to support the World Wildlife Foundation.

One can find a wide selection of exquisite, classic and general-purpose stemware, tumblers, jugs and decanters as well as decorative art and giftware. The company supplies a wide range of glassware to the wine industry, including restaurants, brand houses, hotels, catering companies, distilleries, and retailers worldwide.  Their speciality is crystal to add sparkle to your everyday life!

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