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Sevenoaks Trading (Pty) Ltd


Sevenoaks Trading (Pty) Ltd are suppliers of imported green coffee beans. They import green coffee direct from the origin and supply it to coffee roasters in South Africa and its neighbouring countries.

Sevenoaks Trading had its humble beginnings in 1999, working from a garage in Midrand where the focus was on importing coffees from Zimbabwe for local roasters as well as exporting this coffee to other countries. Since then, they have grown and expanded into importing coffees from Central and South America, Indonesia, India, China as well as East and Central Africa. The bulk of their coffee is stored in a warehouse in North Riding, Johannesburg. In 2019 they opened the doors to an office in Cape Town and have replicated the Johannesburg facility with its coffee lab, coffee consultants, and sample roasting facility.

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Quality control is done in-house as well as by their trader Paul Cooke in Sevenoaks Kent in the UK. All coffee is bought by approving pre-shipment samples. All coffees are cupped on arrival for quality assurance purposes. They are proud to have their very own qualified Q grader, Nicodemus Nabakwe, spearheading the quality control in Johannesburg and Q Grader Michael Mac Donald in the Cape Town office.


They supply a wide range of Conventional, and more recently Premium coffees to roasters in South Africa and neighbouring countries, from selling a minimum of one bag, to brokering the purchase of full containers on their behalf.

Sevenoaks offers regular training to customers highlighting the process from plant to roasted bean. They incorporate roasting as well as cupping to develop and understand the different coffee flavours and to mentor roasters in developing and improving their unique blends.

Contact information:

Contact person: Michael Mac Donald


Telephone: +27 21 555 1973

Address: Unit 4, Grasso Business Park, No 4 BP Road, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa.